Ready or Not, Change is Here

Change leadership is a term that’s been around for quite some time. Heck, Who Moved My Cheese? (*Amazon Link), is a classic MBA quick read, but we are living in a time of change that has nothing to do with moving a block of cheese. It has everything to do with replacing the entire menu! […]

Leading With Self-Care

Is it possible that “we” have invested 2-3 decades of leadership training promoting the idea of servant leadership to the effect that we’ve under emphasized the importance of self-care? Maybe. Giving to others. Addressing others’ needs. Serving. These are essential school leadership attributes, but so is self-care. Have you heard about the new online learning […]

What is the New Meaning of Student Progress?

Times have changed us. We have changed. Our learning communities have changed. And it’s all happened at a pace that we’ve never experienced before. That’s why this month’s #822chat topic is focused on student progress, what does it mean in our current times? #822chatA1: Let’s begin with a new definition of “progress” appropriate to the […]

Unprecedented Changes

Educators are living through unprecedented changes – changes in how we work, live, and learn. At #822chat we’re staying constant in our weekly connections, discussion, and sharing. The question for you is: How is your education world changing? What new systems or strategies are helping you innovate during these changes? Leave us a comment below.

February 2020 – New Topic

In January we focused on the topic of school leadership. Our hosts Allicia Saldana, Aubrey Patterson, Cristobal Saldana, and Matt Foster led the discussion with questions on leadership, supporting your school staff, and holding successful difficult conversations. This month, we have a new topic: Mission, Vision, and Goals. Our hosts for the month are: Allicia […]

822Chat is Back with New Services!

Our second night of #822chat for 2020 is tonight! Plus, you now have two more ways to connect: Principals’ Seminar 822Chat Insiders Principals’ Seminar First is the special announcement of a partnership between Principal Tribe and Nohea – a project designed specifically for new principals called Principals’ Seminar. Today Principals’ Seminar released a small piece […]

822 Insiders, Deeper Connections

Deeper connections are coming to #822chat! The world’s fastest and most energetic Twitter chat is creating a new format for richer ongoing professional and social connections. Become one of the 822Chat Insiders! What is 822Chat Insiders? This is an online community for educational leaders like you who believe in the power of a network. It […]

Creating Leadership Opportunity

The famous quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson says, “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson Yet, that’s not the only leadership advice we have. During the month of November, we delved deeply into the topic of Creating Leadership Opportunity. With […]

What is High-Quality Teaching?

What is High-Quality Teaching, why does it matter, and how’s it different than best practice? Really. In a practical sense. This was the topic of #822chat during the month of October, and many educators gave amazing insights. High-Quality Teaching Defined High quality teaching has many characteristics. Among the top are: Student Control Student Exploration Student […]

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