Opportunity to Learn

Unprecedented Changes

Educators are living through unprecedented changes – changes in how we work, live, and learn. At #822chat we’re staying constant in our weekly connections, discussion, and sharing. The question for you is: How is your education world changing? What new systems or strategies are helping you innovate during these changes? Leave us a comment below.

What is High-Quality Teaching?

What is High-Quality Teaching, why does it matter, and how’s it different than best practice? Really. In a practical sense. This was the topic of #822chat during the month of October, and many educators gave amazing insights. High-Quality Teaching Defined High quality teaching has many characteristics. Among the top are: Student Control Student Exploration Student […]

Inspired Learning from School leaders

This week, we continued #822chat on the topic of Opportunity to Learn, but this time it was about us. The questions asked us to share what we’re learning – what’s inspiring our work in our schools. School leaders shared what they’ve read or worked on recently that inspires them. This post has some amazing resources […]

OTL for School Leaders

We often talk about opportunity to learn for the “students” in our schools, but what about OTL for school leaders? How do school leaders maximize their learning, and in so doing, become leaders of learning? …

Conditions for Learning

Opportunity to learn was originally defined as the alignment between what was taught and what was assessed. It has gradually taken on a more specific meaning where educators and stakeholders are developing taxonomies and defining conditions for learning that allow deeper alignment between actions and outcomes. This includes concepts related to conditions for learning “by […]

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