822 Chat is Back from Break!

At #822chat, we chat for 8 weeks straight and take 2 chats off. For the month of October, we have a new topic and new guest hosts! New Topic: High-Quality Teaching The new topic is High-Quality Teaching. What is it? How do you know when you see it? How is your school innovating better teaching […]

High Reliability Schools

What if we knew the conditions that make schools successful? What if we had control over those conditions? That’s the idea behind high-reliability schools. During the month of September, the #822chat digs into this topic with two special hosts Allicia Saldana and Aubrey Patterson. “In order to improve reliability in any campus, we must create […]

June 2019 – A New Topic!

This is how we do it at #822chat. 8 Minutes 2 Questions 2 Days per Week We dig deeply over the course of a month into one single topic. Then we switch topics on the new month. For the months of June and July, we will dig into a new topic: continuous school improvement. #822Chat […]

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