Safe and Orderly Environment

Leading With Self-Care

Is it possible that “we” have invested 2-3 decades of leadership training promoting the idea of servant leadership to the effect that we’ve under emphasized the importance of self-care? Maybe. Giving to others. Addressing others’ needs. Serving. These are essential school leadership attributes, but so is self-care. Have you heard about the new online learning […]

What is an Orderly School Environment?

This month we’ve focused in on the effective school correlate, safe and orderly environment. Our first discussions focused on the emotional side of school safety, and now we turn to the question, What is an orderly school environment? Trends from the latest #822Chat include: Connections between restorative practices and orderly environments Fluctuating meanings and connotations […]

Safe and Orderly Environment

A new month marks a new topic for #822Chat. This month, we began a discussion on safe and orderly environments in schools. At first glance, this topic seems rudimentary or simple. But we know all too well how complex it is to craft a safe and orderly environment in schools. Our recent chats focused on […]

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