June 2019 – A New Topic!

This is how we do it at #822chat.

  • 8 Minutes
  • 2 Questions
  • 2 Days per Week

We dig deeply over the course of a month into one single topic. Then we switch topics on the new month.

For the months of June and July, we will dig into a new topic: continuous school improvement.

#822Chat in June 2019

We have guest hosts lined up and great chats coming your way. The topic is continuous school improvement focused on these subtopics:

  • Creating an Effective Learning System
  • Reflection
  • Studying
  • Doing
  • Clarifying mission, vision, and values
  • Focusing student essential learning
  • What is effectiveness?
  • The inward journey of improvement

Upcoming #822Chat Breaks

The week of June 8th and June 11th, #822Chat will be on summer break.

The week of July 2nd and July 6th #822Chat will be on summer break.

We hope to chat with you soon, and as always, you can dig deeper by joining us or creating with us.

June 2019 – A New Topic!

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