February 2020 – New Topic

In January we focused on the topic of school leadership. Our hosts Allicia Saldana, Aubrey Patterson, Cristobal Saldana, and Matt Foster led the discussion with questions on leadership, supporting your school staff, and holding successful difficult conversations. This month, we have a new topic: Mission, Vision, and Goals. Our hosts for the month are: Allicia […]

822 Insiders, Deeper Connections

Deeper connections are coming to #822chat! The world’s fastest and most energetic Twitter chat is creating a new format for richer ongoing professional and social connections. Become one of the 822Chat Insiders! What is 822Chat Insiders? This is an online community for educational leaders like you who believe in the power of a network. It […]

822 Chat is Back from Break!

At #822chat, we chat for 8 weeks straight and take 2 chats off. For the month of October, we have a new topic and new guest hosts! New Topic: High-Quality Teaching The new topic is High-Quality Teaching. What is it? How do you know when you see it? How is your school innovating better teaching […]

Mission Drift and Focus

What is mission drift? How does it affect schools and learning? How can you avoid mission drift? This was the topic of our #822chat on February 23 & 26, 2019, and the top Tweets shed great insight into the importance of having a clear and focused mission. What is Mission Drift? “Mission drift = slowly […]

What is a Compelling Vision?

Vision and mission statements give schools starting points and an overall direction of where they want to be in the future. A vision statement is the public declaration used to point toward goals or future reform. Few schools move forward without a vision. Or do they? There is a difference between a vision and a compelling vision. […]

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