School Culture

Background on High Reliability Schools

Far more often than not, catastrophic failures are the result of a cascading series of human errors or lapses in judgment. This relates to the ‘social construction’ of reliability. In a high reliability school, human error and judgment are minimized and systems that promote the success of each student are maximized. The topic of a […]

Actions That Shape School Culture

In last week’s chat we announced a special opportunity to dig deeper with the 822 Go! Community. Also, we discussed this great question:What small act can you plan to do each week to shape your school culture?Here are the top Tweets:”I’m working on building relationships. The first week of school, so many opportunities to connect […]

Supporting the Back to School Transition

The back to school transition is a time of excitement and a time of pressure. To-do lists grow long on the principal’s desk, last-minute staffing changes, teacher rooms to get ready, curriculum materials arriving, meet-and-greets in the evening… At our latest #822chat, we discussed the back to school transition. More precisely, How Do You Seek […]

Safe and Orderly Environment

A new month marks a new topic for #822Chat. This month, we began a discussion on safe and orderly environments in schools. At first glance, this topic seems rudimentary or simple. But we know all too well how complex it is to craft a safe and orderly environment in schools. Our recent chats focused on […]

Celebrating Strengths

This week’s #822chat was on fire again! The tribe is connecting, discussing, and sharing some amazing ideas. The theme for December is gifts. How to find them. How to celebrate them. Our recent chat addressed how to celebrate strengths. How do you celebrate the strengths of your team? Here are the top Tweets from Saturday December […]

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