About 822Chat

#822Chat is a new type of networking experience for school leaders. It’s quick, focuses on connecting, and is a forum for sharing. What is #822Chat?

  • 8 Minute Chat on Twitter
  • 2 Questions
  • 2 Times Per Week

Preview the Questions for 2019 Here >>

When is #822Chat?

Join us on #822Chat on Saturday mornings at 8:20am. The first question is at 8:22am.

Or join us mid-week at 8:22pm. The format is the same. Networking at 8:20, Q1 at 8:22pm, Q2 at 8:26pm.

Why #822Chat?

We’re focused on networking, so it’s really about reaching out, sharing, and being connected to other educational thinkers and school leaders.

Secondly, it’s only 8 minutes, so you’re not spending all morning or evening attached to your device.

Third, the questions are designed for you!

Only Two Questions

The questions only last 8 minutes, and they’re focused and relevant.

  1. Question 1: Changes weekly focused on timely school leadership topics.
  2. Question 2: “What are you currently learning, discovering, or creating?”

Question 1 is a discussion session on the most critical overarching factors in school leadership. Question 2 is an opportunity to share and give to the community:

  • A book you’re reading.
  • An area you’re working on improving.
  • A focus on your school’s improvement this week.
  • An article, podcast, or blog to share.

There are many ways to join the tribe. We offer a weekly email with top thoughts from educational leaders. We have an array of leadership and learning articles.

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