822Chat Hosts

Matt Foster - Host and Creator of #822chat @mafost

Matt Foster

Learner. Educator. Creator. | Chief Educational Creator at TeamTom Education LLC, Principals' Seminar, and all these...

Aubrey Patterson, Co-Host of #822chat

Aubrey Patterson

Former CEO, Superintendent, Director, Supervisor, Principal, and Teacher. Present life = leader, mentor, presenter and design clarity and successes for educational leaders.

Jon-Eric Ziaer - Host of #822Chat and @822tribe Principal

Jon-Eric Ziaer

Lead Learner at Reedy HS in Frisco ISD, 2019 Model PLC School(Liberty HS)

2019 Guest Hosts

Lauren Higgins - Principal in Frisco ISD

Lauren Higgins

Assistant Principal by day | Love the outdoors | Travel bug is always biting | Dog Mom | KState Alum.

Allicia Saldaña - Host of 822Chat by Principal Tribe

Allicia Saldana

Educator and doctoral student interested in promoting effective learning, collaboration and technology practices in the classroom.

Cris Saldana

Father of four, life-long learner, ND Alumnus, EdD, Assistant Principal

AJ-Bianco-Principal-Tribe- Guest Host of 822Chat

AJ Bianco

Husband, Daddy x3, Educational Leader, Supervisor of Instruction and Technology (East Rutherford SD) CoHost

Chris-Chappotin_- Guest Ghost of 822Chat

Chris Chappotin

Principal | Leadership Learner | Culture Developer | Instructional Designer | STEAM Educator | Rapper

Jason Salhaney - Guest Host of 822Chat

Jason Salhaney

Dad, Educator, Middle School Principal & ADHD survivor. My motto is: Remove the roadblocks and watch what happens.

Nicole Biscotti - Guest Host of 822Chat

Nicole Biscotti

Educator | Writer | Mother | Founder RespondED.

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