How to Handle Difficult Conversations as a School Leader

Difficult conversations are a tough but necessary part of being a principal or school leader, and that’s why we’re compiling this list of strategies and tips that show how to handle difficult conversations as a school leader. Plus, it was the topic of conversation in our recent #822chat, and some brilliant principals and school leaders… Continue reading How to Handle Difficult Conversations as a School Leader

School Leadership, Empowerment & Frogs

This week’s #822Chats were hosted by Jason Salhaney and focused on school leadership in two specific areas: Empower others to find their passions. Doing the Tough Stuff (Eating that Frog) In previous chats, we discussed qualities of effective school leaders and why is followership important for school leaders. This chat is about digging deeper in school leadership. Here are the top tweets.… Continue reading School Leadership, Empowerment & Frogs

What is a Compelling Vision?

Vision and mission statements give schools starting points and an overall direction of where they want to be in the future. A vision statement is the public declaration used to point toward goals or future reform. Few schools move forward without a vision. Or do they? There is a difference between a vision and a compelling vision.… Continue reading What is a Compelling Vision?

Qualities of Effective School Leadership

Effective school leaders possess a blend of effective communication, empathy, honesty, passion for students, but they’re not simply focused on results. Among to most commonly mentioned qualities, emotional intelligence and situational awareness ranks the highest. Very rarely do school leaders, principals, or teachers report curriculum or instructional leadership as a quality of an effective school… Continue reading Qualities of Effective School Leadership