February 2020 – New Topic

In January we focused on the topic of school leadership. Our hosts Allicia Saldana, Aubrey Patterson, Cristobal Saldana, and Matt Foster led the discussion with questions on leadership, supporting your school staff, and holding successful difficult conversations. This month, we have a new topic: Mission, Vision, and Goals. Our hosts for the month are: Allicia… Continue reading February 2020 – New Topic

Background on High Reliability Schools

Far more often than not, catastrophic failures are the result of a cascading series of human errors or lapses in judgment. This relates to the ‘social construction’ of reliability. In a high reliability school, human error and judgment are minimized and systems that promote the success of each student are maximized. The topic of a… Continue reading Background on High Reliability Schools

High Reliability Schools

What if we knew the conditions that make schools successful? What if we had control over those conditions? That’s the idea behind high-reliability schools. During the month of September, the #822chat digs into this topic with two special hosts Allicia Saldana and Aubrey Patterson. “In order to improve reliability in any campus, we must create… Continue reading High Reliability Schools

An Empowering Mission

This week’s #822chat focused on the empowering mission. A school mission that builds confidence, liberates creativity, and supports the induction of new teachers. Our special host was Aubrey Patterson former superintendent and CEO. In this post we share the top Tweets on the two questions: How does a focused mission build confidence and liberate the… Continue reading An Empowering Mission