What is the New Meaning of Student Progress?

Times have changed us. We have changed. Our learning communities have changed. And it’s all happened at a pace that we’ve never experienced before. That’s why this month’s #822chat topic is focused on student progress, what does it mean in our current times? #822chatA1: Let’s begin with a new definition of “progress” appropriate to the… Continue reading What is the New Meaning of Student Progress?

Maximizing Your Impact on Learning

This month’s #822chat has been absolutely on fire with ideas related to measuring and monitoring student progress! Saturday’s chat focused in on using formative assessment to make teacher collaboration effective, and Tuesday’s chat broadened the focus to maximizing learning overall. Two major themes emerged: Focusing on what works within a culture of trust. Our best… Continue reading Maximizing Your Impact on Learning

Data, Progress, and Leadership

This week’s 822chat asked how to monitor student progress in areas other than reading and math. We also took it one step further by discussing how student progress data reflects leadership effectiveness. Leadership Effectiveness How can school leaders use student progress data to measure their own success as a school leader? This discussion was rich!… Continue reading Data, Progress, and Leadership

Measuring Student Progress

All the talk about changes in the way we measure student progress raises important questions. How do we highlight student strengths when we mandate specific courses of study? How do we measure progress in ways that are meaningful for accountability? What’s the difference between grading, testing, assessing, and measuring? In this week’s #822Chat, we asked,… Continue reading Measuring Student Progress