Actions That Shape School Culture

In last week's chat we announced a special opportunity to dig deeper with the 822 Go! Community. Also, we discussed this great question:

What small act can you plan to do each week to shape your school culture?

Here are the top Tweets:

"I’m working on building relationships. The first week of school, so many opportunities to connect in ways that help people see that they belong here." - Erika Garcia

"Be present. Listen to learn/hear - not to respond. Teachers and students just want to be valued, seen, and heard. This eases frustration and worry faster than anything else. They don’t want you to solve their problems, but they want a friendly ear (and sometimes options)." - Allicia Saldana

"Send out an email or flyer of "Seen and Heard" -- what great moments did you capture this week?" - Nancy Sulla

"Say “Hi” to everyone I see. Strike up a “personal” conversation with others. Listen intently." - Ted Hiff

A Deeper Connection is Forming!

We are currently working on a Premium School Leadership Community. You're invited.

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