Communicating Expectations

This week’s #822chat focused on communicating expectations, and our tribe hit multiple homerooms with their wisdom and advice. Big trends in the chat:

  • Repetition
  • Clarity
  • Collaborating Across Schools
  • Multiple Modalities
  • Focus

Communicating Expectations

What are some ways that you’ve found to be effective for communicating high expectations at your school?

Culture & Approach

High expectations are very important in all fields, especially in education. To create a culture that is committed to high expectations leaders must be up front, transparent, honest, never sarcastic, and practice introspection during positive and trying times. @Bill_Huber_

Live it. If I am calling others to abide by a certain standard that I am not willing to hold myself to, I have essentially comprised my leadership. I follow those I trust; those who are walking the walk. @_on11

Build a culture on the foundation of trust and vulnerability. Then consistently communicate. @mafost


Repetition, multiple modalities (conversation, newsletters, emails, etc) and modeling! @booleymac20

Clear and consistent communication is the key. Face to face in faculty meetings, emails, call-outs, newsletters. @foster_nancy

Sharing best practices across all schools. @OroAnnM

Repetition, repetition, repetition. I think too often we worry about being too much. I believe we can’t over-communicate. Clarity is too often viewed as a destination or a goal. It is a process as well as a place we hope to get and the clearer we get the smoother. @pattersonaubrey

Focus, Goals, and Follow Up

My experience is most of the time school and system leaders either pursue way too many initiatives, launch a new program rather than fully invest in continuous improvement. So I try to focus on high expectations of fewer key learning pieces. 

Our leadership committee reviews campus data; identifies our top area for improvement, then conducts a root cause analysis to determine our #OneThing for the year. Once we have that I communicate our goal to all stakeholders & team goals support that goal. @ShaneeCharles

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Now it’s your turn. What are some ways you’ve found to be helpful in communicating high expectations at your school? Leave a comment below or Tweet @822tribe.

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