How to Create Habits of Celebration in Your School

Another amazing #822chat this week with new tribe members connecting, discussing, and sharing. It’s exciting to hear the new voices and learn together!

Our recent chat addressed making celebration a habit on your campus.

How do you make celebration a habit on your campus?

Here are the top Tweets from December 8, and December 11, 2018.

Make Celebration Fun!

“It’s so important to celebrate the things we want to see more in the school/district. I love cheesy things. A plastic golden apple with on it for things like a teacher giving extra help or a secretary showing empathy with a parent was one of my fav’s as a principal. ” @pattersonaubrey

“If we want to see , we need to be willing to lead the party ourselves. I laugh, I cheer, I shout, I make a big deal out of most things that most people miss. If it’s important to them, it is important to me. It has a effect.” @_on11

“May seem funny but I have an “academy award”. It circulates and every time we see awesomeness it gets passed on to the next teacher. Great thing is they never get to keep it long because we keep on celebrating!” @SheilaJurke

Build Systems of Celebration

“Be intentional. Put it on the agenda. Plan one day a month to celebrate successes (cake in the lounge), success boards in the front office.” @foster_nancy

“Repetition (obviously). Keep a growth mindset with your Ss & people where we all celebrate the small victories (award for reading, math lab, etc) and the large accomplishments (winning some state championship, 36 on the ACT, etc). Keep it fun and don’t make it a burden” @Bill_Huber_

“By perfections I mean so many folks don’t celebrate progress only what outside sources say we should live up to and they don’t see the struggle of the progress” @asbellprincipal

Craft a Culture of Celebration! And be amazed at how much there is to celebrate. Thanks @PrincipalTribe @SheilaJurke @_on11 @foster_nancy @Bill_Huber_ @asbellprincipal @pattersonaubrey for making #822chat amazing! Click To Tweet

One More #822Chat in December

December 15 and 18: How could you increase the ability of teams to celebrate each other’s successes in student growth?

We’ll pick up again in January 2019!

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