High Expectations in Classrooms

This week’s #822chat was amazing! Again. We connected and discussed high expectations in classrooms. Here are some of the top Tweets from the week.

Question: How do you know when you see high expectations in action in classrooms?

“Students are doing the talking, egaged in the learning, and doing the work. The teacher’s role is to facilitate and question!” @foster_nancy

“High expectations = A buzz. Students are busy working in a variety of open-ended places doing things that make you want to move closer & ask questions. It’s hard to find the teacher who is at the students’ level in their midst.” @JennMBarnes

“Students are doing the work, talking, questioning, self-advocating, self-monitoring, self-managing & the teacher is the guide.” @KBledsoeKinder

“Teachers have evidence of student learning that shows progress and not simply aiming for perfection! Progress is celebrated with children and they can tell you all about it.” @SheilaJurke

“The kids are doing all the work, and the work they are doing is complex. I love walking into a classroom and seeing the students challenge each other and support one another in tackling their challenges!” @DrErinForbes

“You know when you see the teacher not simply spoon feeding information but making Students use their brain through innovative lessons, interactive teamwork, and a bar that is raised one notch higher than just meeting average.” @heARTISTatWORK


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