Celebrating Strengths

This week’s #822chat was on fire again! The tribe is connecting, discussing, and sharing some amazing ideas. The theme for December . How to find them. How to celebrate them.

Our recent chat addressed how to celebrate strengths.

How do you celebrate the  of your team?

Here are the top Tweets from Saturday December 1, 2018 and Tuesday December 4, 2018.

“Share and value your team and teachers. Most teachers like to be recognized and valued for their efforts! Share, share, share!” @foster_nancy

“Be intentional with sharing the good news & work. Skip the email and go to their room and tell explicitly, face to face, THANK YOU & why you appreciate them and their work. A written letter and public display (if that is acceptable in your school culture) wonders too.” @Bill_Huber_

“Shout outs at staff meetings and sharing teacher/student successes through social media for the community to see rather than just within the building!” @booleymac20

“I love reinforcing strengths, but I’m not great at big celebrations. I believe every win counts though and not everything needs to be recognized in a huge way. Many pats on the back are a great chance to reinforce the culture we desire bit by bit, hopefully some fun too.” @pattersonaubrey

“I have some cupboards in our copy room and on the walls. I will put items that I collected up to showcase. Sometimes I do a quick PowerPoint of pictures I have taken and send to staff.” @JasonSalhaney

“Sharing often! Through email, over lunch, coaching in each other’s rooms. We’re reflective, noticing something we have to offer each other’s classes & passing the teaching gift along. It’s better, doing life together.” @JennMBarnes

Four More Chats in December

December 8 and 11: How do you make celebration a habit on your campus?

December 15 and 18: How could you increase the ability of teams to celebrate each other’s successes in student growth?

Join us at 8:22am CST on Saturdays or 8:22pm CST on Tuesdays. #822chat

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