Qualities of Effective School Leadership

What are the qualities of an effective school leader?

Effective school leaders possess a blend of effective communication, empathy, honesty, passion for students, but they’re not simply focused on results.

Among to most commonly mentioned qualities, emotional intelligence situational awareness the highest. Very rarely do school leaders, principals, or teachers report curriculum or instructional leadership as a quality of an effective school leader.

These were the qualities of an effective school leader in our recent #822chat focused on school leadership.

What are the Qualities of an Effective School Leader?

Here were the top Tweets from our first chat in 2019 focused on leadership.

“Effective communicator. Empathetic. Humor. Positivity. Effective communicator. Being able to give critical feedback and have critical conversations. Effective communicator. Motivator. Bold. ” – @Bill_Huber

“Followable” @Chris_Chappotin

“Modelling the behavior we expect to see is a good start; however, for leaders, let us be the kind of people we expect others to become.” -Chris Chappotin

“Honesty. Integrity. Persistence. Diligence. Boldness. Kindness. The list could go on for days. ” @_on11

“Great communication, knowledgeable, passionate about student achievement, about their people ” @foster_nancy

“Collaborative, goal-oriented, principled, creative, willing to take risks, able to take the lead as well as take a backseat when others are more capable of leading. ” @booleymac20

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“The best leaders aren’t focused simply on results. They are more interested in creating a culture of excellence where everyone develops their skillset that will continuously improve results over time.” @JohnWink90

“Good leaders show authenticity, empathy, vulnerability, vision, transparency, consistency and have strong emotional intelligence.” –Erika Garcia

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