School Leadership, Empowerment & Frogs

This week’s #822Chats were hosted by Jason Salhaney and focused on school leadership in two specific areas:

  1. Empower others to find their passions.
  2. Doing the Tough Stuff (Eating that Frog)

In previous chats, we discussed qualities of effective school leaders and why is followership important for school leaders. This chat is about digging deeper school leadership. Here are the top tweets.

How Do You Empower Others?

Leadership is about how you make other people feel. How do you empower others? In what ways do you help people find their passions?

“Leadership development and purposeful induction should be key measurable pieces in the job description of any school or district leadership position. But we also must to dig deeper, ask what straw stirs each person’s drink and encourage from conversation. – Aubrey Patterson

“You have to embrace people’s passions and support their growth . It may be something small small like leading a book study or starting a new club. As a leader you have to take risk.” – Tracy Bratton

“This year I’ve asked teachers to lead discussions/PD, and I’ve found that they’ve been very serious about their topic choice. My staff seems to be more engaged & intrigued by this new system, and I’m learning a lot about them as instructional leaders.” – Shanee Charles

Eat That Frog

Many times leaders have to “eat that frog,” which means do the tough stuff first. What is one thing you need to “eat that frog”?

“Well if we HAD school tomorrow I would have to have a critical conversation with a member if the executive leadership team who dropped the ⚽️ today a bit.” – Bill Huber

“Tackling it from the other person’s perspective and coming at it with a collaborative approach seems to put the conversation at ease. I truly believe that every day is a new day, fresh with no mistakes in it. No one sets out to make mistakes.” – Sheila Jurke

“I need to have a conversation with a parent about a tough issue. It will not be enjoyable but it may help draw the family closer to our school as far as a connection. Thinking of it as an “opportunity”. – Chris Legleiter

If you’re interested in reading more about passionate school leaders, Principal Tribe publishes the weekly Principal Perspectiveswhere one principal is nominated and highlighted for their excellent work in school leadership.

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