What is a Compelling Vision?

Vision and mission statements give schools starting points and an overall direction of where they want to be in the future. A vision statement is declaration used to point toward goals or future reform.

Few schools move forward without a vision. Or do they?

There is a difference between a vision and a compelling vision.

In the recent #822Chat, we discussed this difference. Among the top Tweets, we heard a compelling vision is:

  • Inspiring and pulls people together.
  • Not created from the top down.
  • A point of change and a call to action.
  • Tied to emotion and action.

Top Tweets on Compelling Vision

“What comes to mind for me is vision that people are inspired by and believe in.” – Nicole Biscotti

“A Compelling vision is something that pulls everyone together & people are all on board with. Usually created as a team & not dictated from the district or administration.” – Sarah ML

“Anyone in education or life can have a vision…A compelling vision is something different and awesome. A compelling vision is something you want to be a part of because you believe in it. You believe that this vision could be the change agent that you or your school needs.” – Bill Huber

“I often feel that a vision might be something chosen by someone else and you’ve stumbled into and agreed upon. A compelling vision is one that drives you, challenges you, keeps you awake at night. Something you’ve chosen.” – Jennifer M Barnes

“I think the compelling part is where we find our true purpose. The vast majority of us have a vision that all students will succeed, but what is the compelling piece? – Tracy Bratton

“All schools have a vision. Some of them sit on letterhead and in the footnote of our emails. But a compelling vision is one that jumps off the page into the hearts, minds soul of all stakeholders. It’s a literal call to action.” – Erika Garcia

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