An Empowering Mission

This week’s #822chat focused on the empowering mission. A school mission that builds confidence, liberates creativity, and supports the induction of new teachers.

Our special host was Aubrey Patterson former superintendent and CEO.

In this post we share the top Tweets on the two questions:

  1. How does a focused mission build confidence and liberate the creativity of your team or teachers?
  2. How can a focused mission be used to support the induction of new teacher to your school or team?

Focused Mission and Confidence

Several trends emerged from this question. First buy-in is crucial for the mission to be empowering.

Second, a focused mission empowers because it provides safe boundaries within which creativity can flourish.

“Assuming the mission included the input of many stakeholders… Buy-in creates confidence because you are more willing to commit to decisions and goals.” @MrsHigginsAP

“You make a good point. We do need team buy in first and it is important for everyone to understand the “why” and how it benefits our students before they can get behind it.” @PrincipalSmart

“A focused mission allows people to feel confident that the path they are on is the correct one. They feel safe and secure. When your basic needs are met it frees you up to think more creatively because (some) fear is removed.” @Bill_Huber_

A focused mission empowers people because it provides safe boundaries within which creativity can flourish. @822Tribe Click To Tweet

Mission, Support, New Teachers

Supporting new teachers is more than just a manual or a meeting. It is about providing a clear and focused mission.

The benefits are clear. A focused mission for induction of new teachers:

  • Allows teams to work in sync.
  • Encourages immediate integration in the community.
  • Creates a starting place for shared goals.
  • Invites contribution immediately.
  • Fosters a sense of belonging.
  • Implies that status quo is not the goal!

“Winning Olympic rowing teams win because all are in sync—all oars rowing in the same direction at the same time. A clear mission helps teachers new to our team to gain a clear vision of where we are headed and how we will get there.” @marcihouseman

“A focused mission has the potential to take some of the “I’m new! Everyone knows what they’re doing but me! What do I do?” type of pressure off and allows more immediate integration into the community b/c of shared goals.” @KaylaKresowaty

“A focused mission helps everyone maintain focus when times are tough…fatigue and burn out happen. Being focused on the collective commitments and mission help teachers directly and indirectly support one another by giving kids consistency.” @MrsMelanieLee

“New teachers need support & community. A focused mission invites contribution to school culture right away & fosters a sense of belonging. It also helps build bridges between old & new ways of thinking. Mission implies that status quo is not the goal!” @adkopp76

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