Creating a Culture of Celebration

Our last #822chat of 2018 was hot! Some incredible insights were shared, a little fun was had, and new connections were made.

The topic was creating a culture of celebration.

How do you create a culture of celebration on your campus?

Here were the top Tweets from Saturday Dec. 15th and Tuesday Dec. 18th.

“Model what you want to see. We celebrate everything when I am involved. In Drama, we have weekly awards that shine a spotlight on our most deserving cast and crew people. The winners have to wear a medallion or championship belt signifying their awesomeness.” – Michael Abramczyk @_on11

“We started a badge program this year. It’s been wildly successful! I love that we’ve incorporated instructional and non-instructional opportunities, like taking the time to talk with support staff.” @MrsHigginsAP

“Celebrate!…badging systems, positive office referrals, collegial systems of positive recognition, social media, words of affirmation, etc.” –Chris Chappotin

“Celebrate student and staff, small victories, encouraging all to celebrate each other, in my classroom we encourage and celebrate individuals when they put in the effort.” -Karie Bledsoe @KBledsoeKinder

Badges hang around the classroom door to celebrate! (Used with permission from @MrsHigginsAP)

How do you increase the ability of teams to celebrate each other’s successes?

“Celebrate through every medium possible: in person, PA announcements, newsletters, emails, staff meetings, assemblies, monthly breakfasts, phone calls & postcards. We try to celebrate the big and small and let people (students & staff) know we notice & appreciate!” -Julie MacDonald @BooleyMac20

“Building trust is key. You can’t truly celebrate success and discuss missteps if trust is missing. You also have to create norms of “how we behave when we disagree.” Otherwise, no real convo takes place.” -Tracy Bratton @asbellprincipal

Find the quick wins. Celebrate often and regularly. Make it a part of the culture. Morning announcements or end of day announcements. -Jason Salhaney #822Chat Click To Tweet



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