Mission Drift and Focus

What is mission drift? How does it affect schools and learning? How can you avoid mission drift?

This was the topic of our #822chat on February 23 & 26, 2019, and the top Tweets shed great insight into the importance of having a clear and focused mission.

What is Mission Drift?

“Mission drift = slowly losing sight of our purpose. Getting caught up in initiatives & forgetting to measure them against our deeper philosophy.” – Carla Meyrink

An organization and a school can experience mission drift. Professionals can also experience mission drift in their own sense of purpose.

“Mission drift is losing site of your WHY. I have experienced this and am thankful I was able to reflect and get back on track!” – Colleen Schmit

“Sometimes you get lost in the process and you forget about the purpose and the reason you are doing something. It happens. It’s okay that it happens. But, when it does, it is time to refocus on your .” – Cristobal T. Saldana

How Can You Avoid Mission Drift?

“Mission focus doesn’t happen by accident. Habits and intentional practice come from making the mission a priority. That means allocating resources, time and energy even when it’s not fun. Eventually, the mission becomes indistinguishable from school culture.” – Andrea D. Chavez-Kopp

“Remember who you are collectively, what you stand for, what you strive for, and how you’ll celebrate milestones along the way. ” – Nick Duffy

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