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This week, we continued #822chat on the topic of Opportunity to Learn, but this time it was about us. The questions asked us to share what we’re learning – what’s inspiring our work in our schools.

School leaders shared what they’ve read or worked on recently that inspires them.

This post has some amazing resources for you….straight from #822chat!

Thanks to AJ Bianco for leading the discussion. The questions were simple and sparked great discussion!

School Leadership Inspiration for Learning

Question 1: What are you reading, listening to, or exploring that inspires you?

Before we get into the quotes from our chat, here are a few of the resources mentioned:

Last week, I spent time on @zoom_us with @alienearbud / @marcihouseman and have been on a high since! Inspired and learning and prepping to speak with them again soon! Very interested in Danny’s work  and deep into a read recommended by Marci! – Aubrey Patterson

Collaboration, online resources, and podcasts were at the top of the lists for what’s inspiring educational thought leaders.

“I’m currently reading Lead Beyond Your Title by @nbartley6 and rereading Learning Transformed by @thomascmurray and @E_Sheninger that provide a lot of inspiration!” – Rich Hayzler

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“I love podcasts such as Aspire and Principal Matters. Great way to connect and learn. Voxer has been a great help as well. – Chris Legleiter

Sharing with Colleagues

Sometimes the best learning and inspiration doesn’t happen in planned or formal settings. Sometimes it’s simply an article, an idea, or a conversation that’s passed along. Those nuggets that get passed along often linger the longest in our minds.

It’s that reflection that creates learning. Reflection creates growth.

“Everything I shared is very “me” focused so here is something you might find valuable. Two books pushing my thinking right now are The Culture Code and The Art of Gathering.” – Daniel Bauer

“Started a new position this week and shared an article on why its important for teachers to observe one another.” – Coach_Overton

What inspires your work? What’s pushing your learning forward recently? Join us on Saturdays and Tuesdays for #822Chat, and let’s discuss.

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