822 Insiders, Deeper Connections

Deeper connections are coming to #822chat! The world’s fastest and most energetic Twitter chat is creating a new format for richer ongoing professional and social connections.

Become one of the 822Chat Insiders!

What is 822Chat Insiders?

This is an online community for educational leaders like you who believe in the power of a network. It is for educators who believe in the power of people, the reality of human struggles, and force of connectivity.

As an 822Chat Insider, you will:

  • Have fun getting to know other leaders like you.
  • Share in professional discussions.
  • Share pics or videos of your day-to-day.
  • Find a community that supports your work.

822Chat Insiders is a private Facebook group with a safe vetting process.

How to Join

You can join the 822Chat Insiders group here on Facebook. After answering a few questions, an admin will ensure that you are an engaged member of the 822chat community.

Once accepted, feel free to:

  • join any discussion thread,
  • start a discussion,
  • post a picture of a book your reading,
  • share a video of your office, or
  • simply share how your dog Puddles helps you relax after a long day!

822Chat Insiders is for you. It’s about us.

People like us are stronger together, create together, and shape culture together.

We believe in the idea that voices should be heard, and when so, positive change can result.

Join Today!


Go to 822Chat Insiders on Facebook and request to join.

Questions About 822Chat Insiders

Who Are the Admin in this Group?

We’re happy to announce Cris Saldana as the first admin of the 822Chat Insiders group. You can contact Cris on Twitter @saldanact The Principal Tribe Facebook page is the founding admin.

How Are Admin Selected?

822Chat hosts are invited to be admin in the Facebook group. If you’d like to be considered as an 822Chat host, please contact us.

Is 822Chat Insiders for Educational Chatting Only?

No. It’s a social network, so educational chat is great, but it’s also a way to get to know other school leaders like you. So social sharing is encouraged.

Why a Facebook Group?

Love it or hate it, Facebook has designed one of the most powerful networking ecosystems around. As a Facebook group, we’re able to privatize our community, have access to the latest technology, and be conveniently accessed however you prefer.

Is the Group Private?

Yes. And this means all posts are only visible to 822Chat Insiders who are approved by the group admins.

Become one of the 822Chat Insiders!

#822chat is a vibrant and high energy community of educational leaders and innovative thinkers. We meet twice a week for a lightning flash moment on Twitter and discuss a single overarching topic each month.

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