822Chat is Back with New Services!

Our second night of #822chat for 2020 is tonight! Plus, you now have two more ways to connect:

  • Principals’ Seminar
  • 822Chat Insiders

Principals’ Seminar

First is the special announcement of a partnership between Principal Tribe and Nohea – a project designed specifically for new principals called Principals’ Seminar.

Today Principals’ Seminar released a small piece of their resource in the form of a free webinar called the Team Bring Forward System.

This is a system for schools to effectively manage ideas, meetings, due dates, paper, emails, conferences, and more! Essentially, all the burdens of a new principal – the noise, the worries, and the self-doubt are replaced with the prowess and experience to become a seasoned principal.

Watch the free 15-minute webinar today!

822Chat Insiders

822Chat Insiders is a free, but private Facebook group to build a stronger professional network and create relationships with other school leaders.

The community is led by Cris Saldana, a frequent host of the #822chat.

Join the 822Chat Insiders Community to build a stronger professional learning network today!

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