822 Chat is Back from Break!

At #822chat, we chat for 8 weeks straight and take 2 chats off. For the month of October, we have a new topic and new guest hosts!

New Topic: High-Quality Teaching

The new topic is High-Quality Teaching. What is it? How do you know when you see it? How is your school innovating better teaching practices? How are students impacted?

These next three weeks of #822chat (details here) are going to be an amazing place to share ideas on teaching and connecting with passionate educational thinkers and leaders!

Invite a colleague. Invite your lead teachers and let’s connect, discuss, and share on the topic of high-quality teaching.

What’s in Store of 822Chat for 2019?

We have eight more weeks in October and November, and then 822chat will be on break through the holiday season during the entire month of December.

We’ll be working with Principal Tribe to prepare a new online network and community to dig deeper with the 822 community.

Ways to Connect

Did you know there are many ways to connect?

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