822Chat Questions, Start of 2019

Each month, #822chat will focus on a different aspect of the effective school correlates.

January 2019 – Leadership

Effective schools don’t merely have administrators – they have leaders. Leaders make positive change and empower others. An administrator manages the details of a school. Management is a fundamental necessity, but it alone is not enough to thrust schools into the future – that’s where leadership steps in.

But leadership is a skill set that takes dedication to learn.

Leadership (whether from an individual or a team) is the ability to take a followership to a place they have never been and are not sure they want to go.

Lezotte & Snyder, 2011

January 5 & 8

Think of a leader with whom you’ve worked. What top qualities made the leader effective?

January 12 & 15

A vision is not the same as a compelling vision – what does that statement mean to you?

January 19 & 22

If leadership is a function of “followership” what does this mean for school leaders? Can there be leadership, if there is no followership?

January 26 & 29

Guest Host

February 2019 – Focused Mission

Mission statements describe why a school exists, but we all know schools exist for learning. So what is it about a mission that we can get clear about? How do effective schools focus their mission?

The leader’s greatest contribution to the school improvement effort is to articulate a compelling vision and mission, and to convince the followers that the mission is attainable, and a moral and worthy cause.

Lezotte & Snyder, 2011

February 2 & 5

What are some common barriers to creating a common sense of purpose?

February 9 & 12

Guest Host

Feburary 16 & 19

What does the phrase “mission drift” mean to you?

February 23 & 26

How can a school connect mission statements to curriculum design?

Spring 2019 – Coming Topics

March, April, and May hold some interesting topics for #822chat. They include:

  • Opportunity to Learn
  • Frequent Monitoring of Student Progress
  • Safe and Orderly Environment

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