High Reliability Schools

What if we knew the conditions that make schools successful? What if we had control over those conditions? That’s the idea behind high-reliability schools.

During the month of September, the #822chat digs into this topic with two special hosts Allicia Saldana and Aubrey Patterson.

“In order to improve reliability in any campus, we must create opportunities for students to think critically, work collaboratively, and communicate effectively.” –Dr. Lucy Villa-Real

What is a High-Reliability School?

Clarity precedes competence. Getting clear on this concept is the first step in moving to a high-reliability school. In a high-reliability school, systems are in place to create a culture of student support and success.

  1. Safe, Supportive, and Collaborative Culture

    Explore specific strategies for shared decision making and developing collaborative processes that clarify the work of teacher teams and help schools operate as a cohesive network of teams clearly focused on curriculum, instruction, assessment, and achievement for all students.

  2. Effective Teaching in Every Classroom

    Learn the concept of establishing a district- or schoolwide model of instructional practice and how it can be used to create a culture of pedagogical growth for all teachers.

  3. Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

    Understand the concept and processes for establishing a guaranteed and viable curriculum, which includes establishing a district- or schoolwide comprehensive vocabulary program.

  4. Standards-Referenced Reporting

    Understand critical aspects and strategies for implementing a standards-referenced grading and reporting system in your district or school.

  5. Competency-Based Education

    Learn specific aspects of competency-based education and review strategic initiatives schools should consider for implementing competency-based education.

What are School Leaders Saying?

Continuous improvement is a common theme among school leaders when seeking high reliability in schools.

And of course, passionate pursuit of success by supporting and caring for the students in our charge.

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Resources for High Reliability Schools

Leading a High Reliability School: Use Data-Driven Instruction and Collaborative Teaching Strategies to Boost Academic Achievement

How do educators build High Reliability Schools (HRS) and boost academic achievement? By implementing interdependent systems of operation and performance assessment for student-centered learning.

A Handbook for High Reliability Schools: The Next Step in School Reform

Learn what research has identified as the 10 indicators of high-performing schools.

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