Questions for 2018

The best time to start anything was 20 years ago. The second best time to start is now.

So let’s get the #822Chat started. 

822 Chat Format

The chat will always be 8 minutes. You’re busy. You deserve a healthy work/life balance, so 8 minutes each week is plenty to network, engage, and share.

Network. At (CST, Saturdays) and again (CST, Tuesdays) we’ll start a meet and greet. Say hello and add a follow on Twitter.

Q1 Discuss. At 8:22am/pm the first question is posted. The first question is a fresh question each week (see below).

Q2 Share. At /pm the second question is posted. This question is always the same: What are you currently creating, working on, or learning?

Of course, don’t forget the hashtag with your tweets: #822chat and respond to the questions with A1 or A2 for your answers.

Here are the questions for the rest of 2018.

#822Chat Questions

November 2018 will focus on the topic of expectations. Expectations for student success, school-wide efficacy, high expectations in action, and expectations for leadership.

November 10 and 13:
What have you found to be the most effective ways to communicate high expectations in your school?

November 17 and 20: What do you believe are “high expectations” for school leadership?

November 24 and 27: How do you know when you see high expectations in action in a classroom?

We’ll wrap 2018 up with a focus on finding gifts on your campus.

December 1 and 4: How do you celebrate the strengths of your team or your teachers?

December 8 and 11: How do you make celebration a habit on your campus?

December 15 and 18: How could you increase the ability of teams to celebrate each other’s successes in student growth?

Break until 2019.

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