Leading With Self-Care

Is it possible that “we” have invested 2-3 decades of leadership training promoting the idea of servant leadership to the effect that we’ve under emphasized the importance of self-care?


Giving to others. Addressing others’ needs. Serving.

These are essential school leadership attributes, but so is self-care.

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Okay With Not Having Control

This might be an important life lesson, but it’s also important in school leadership – it’s okay not having control.

Some would argue that it’s a preferred state for leaders. Empower others and rest assured even when you think you have control, there’s a world of variables outside of your control.

Put Your Oxygen Max On

Yes, you’ll need to serve your people to impact their learning. But you’ll also need to serve your learning needs.

Sometimes this means you have to push yourself to learn more. Sometimes this means you have to slow down and let your mind and body process your learning.

And remember learning isn’t purely academic.

Learning can be in the stress you feel. It’s a signal that you’re being stretched. It’s a sign there’s learning that needs to occur.

In Tune With Others’ Needs

In addition to focusing on your own needs, leading with self-care also means the social and emotional needs of each person in your school is a priority.

For decades we’ve understood the impact that a neutral or negative state has on brain functioning. Yet it’s only recently that the conversation has truly reflected the importance of human well-being and emotional safety.

As a matter of fact, it’s only recently that teacher happiness has become a priority as a way to improve performance.

Our current reality has made this even more evident.

Practicing Self-Care at 822

#822chat follows a simple pattern for our chats:

  • 8 Minutes
  • 2 Questions
  • 2 Days Per Week

We do this because we believe consistency is the best way to build community and to learn. We also believe hours at a time on social media takes away from action – action on your goals, action on your health, action in your offline relationships.

And these are all important to self-care.

We also follow a simple formula through the year:

  • 8 Weeks of Chats
  • 2 Weeks of Rest
  • 2 Take Care of You

And taking care of you is vitally important to us, especially during these times.

See you in our next round of 822chats, starting May 26.

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