High Reliability Schools

What if we knew the conditions that make schools successful? What if we had control over those conditions? That’s the idea behind high-reliability schools. During the month of September, the #822chat digs into this topic with two special hosts Allicia Saldana and Aubrey Patterson. “In order to improve reliability in any campus, we must create… Continue reading High Reliability Schools

Conditions for Learning

Opportunity to learn was originally defined as the alignment between what was taught and what was assessed. It has gradually taken on a more specific meaning where educators and stakeholders are developing taxonomies and defining conditions for learning that allow deeper alignment between actions and outcomes. This includes concepts related to conditions for learning “by… Continue reading Conditions for Learning

What is a Compelling Vision?

Vision and mission statements give schools starting points and an overall direction of where they want to be in the future. A vision statement is the public declaration used to point toward goals or future reform. Few schools move forward without a vision. Or do they? There is a difference between a vision and a compelling vision.… Continue reading What is a Compelling Vision?